Get your teams back on track

Whenever an organization deviates from its trajectory, it loses capacity and money. In today’s context of labor shortage, great resignation, and contradictory priorities, team deviations and deviances can be fatal to the team and the organization.

We can help

We believe the key to overcome this situation resides in working with teams so they can face the unavoidable adversity, uncertainty and ambiguity, and succeed together aligned, committed and proud of “having done it together.”

With our customized approach, we help leaders and teams course correct in 2 phases.

  1. Acquire the right mindset, habits and tools
  2. Stay on course through punctual team updates (learning to self-course correct)

Meet our team masters

We’re a network of talented people who share the same values and are complementary in many ways.

Anne Choquette

President, Executive Coach and Consultant

People appreciate my unconventional perspective, my courage to speak the truth while remaining compassionate.

Mathieu Laferrière

Coach, Consultant and Slasher

People appreciate my ability to understand complex issues involving people, processes, and systems, and then simplify them into easy-to-understand graphics.

What they say about us

At every level of the organization, Anne is a master at raising the level of leadership in each of us. Her quick understanding of various issues, coupled with her ability to synthesize ideas, is unparalleled.

Ruth Vachon

CEO (Services)

Mathieu stands out particularly for analyzing and optimizing an organization’s positioning. He carried out with great success a value repositioning exercise inspired by the “Blue Ocean Strategy”.

Geneviève Dionne

Chairman of the Board (Services)

Thank you Anne and Mathieu for the support you provided us during the strategic retreat. You took the time to understand our difference and adapt to us in order to help us elevate ourselves.

Christian M.

District Director (Construction)

Looking for something different?

Clients often call us their secret weapon. Well, not that much of a secret since our growth is 100% word of mouth, dynamic collaboration and repeat business.

When you will want something different from the market, please reach out, we would love to talk.

How do you work?

Understanding the context, the culture through storytelling, observing and quickly assessing what’s needed to course correct.

What makes it unique?

Each project involves at least 2 consultants, but it can be up to 10 if the client needs a collective intelligence approach. Working in duo enables us to avoid blind spot, bring diversity and enrich our impact. We choose projects and team members based on the client needs.

We’ve built a network of hand-picked top people in their field, based on shared values, expertise, and satisfaction of working together. We have instant synergy and we’re complementary. And this is true locally and internationally.

How much time does it take?

The more we spend time with the teams, the more they thrive, the more they can face adversity and shift it in sustainable results. We commit for the long haul; we have a proven track record: time working with organizations (10+ years), and growing with them.

A typical mandate includes team diagnostic (individual interviews and debriefing the report to the leaders and their teams), a workshopquarterly half days to reset and course correct, a bank of hours for individual and team coaching.

Who are you working with?

Teams are everywhere. We work in a variety of industries (aerospace, construction, IT, entertainment, manufacturing, shipping transport etc.) and around the world, in synergy with our local but very close network of collaborators.